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Lectures on line and on demand. 

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One of my first real jobs was as a Park Naturalist in Algonquin Provinicial Park, which included giving evening talks to an outdoor audience beset with mosquitoes and the occasional burst of rain.  Keeping the attention of such an audience was excellent training for thirty years of lecturing as a university professor. I still manage to give a few public lectures each year.  Here is a list of talks you can view online.

12. Five causal factors in wetland ecology

11. Functional classification of wetland plants

10. An introduction to wetland ecology

9. The natural history of Lanark County and the Ottawa Valley

8. Restoring biodiversity in semi-natural landscapes

7. The role of carcasses in forest ecology

6. Science in the service of wetland conservation

5. Biodiversity conservation illustrated by Spain

4. Progress in wetland ecology

3. Why the Gulf Coast needs more big alligators

2. Setting targets for ecosystem restoration

1. Maintaining plant diversity in landscapes